Wednesday, January 1, 2014

JRockit: All Posts on "Xml and More"

JRockit: How to Estimate the Size of Live Data Set
-Xverbose:gc flag, Excel, JRockit Real Time, Mark-and-Sweep Algorithm

JRockit: Out-of-the-Box Behavior of Four Generational GC's
Adaptive Memory Management, Adaptive Optimization, JRockit R28, OOTB

JRockit: Parallel vs Concurrent Collectors
Garbage Collection Strategy, Generational Garbage Collector, Mark-and-Sweep Algorithm, Stopping the World, Throughput vs Low Latency, -Xgc flag, -XgcPrio flag

JRockit: What's the Total Memory Footprint of a Java Process?
Java Heap vs Native Memory, VSZ vs RSS

JRockit: Analyzing GC With JRockit Verbose Output (-Xverbose:memdbg)
GC Reason, JRockit R28, Memory Log Module,Oracle JRockit

JRockit: A Case Study of Thread Local Area (TLA) Tuning
-XXtlaSize, Java Performance, JRockit R28,Performance Tuning, Thread Local Area

JRockit: Thread Local Area Size and Large Objects
-Xverbose:memdbg, Default TLA Settings, Large Object Tuning, Performance Tuning, TLA, Tuning TLA, –XXlargeObjectLimit

Default Values of JRockit's VM Options
VM Options

Diagnosing OutOfMemoryError or Memory Leaks in JRockit
Heap Dump, Heap Histogram, hprof File, jhat,jrcmd, JRockit, JVM Option, MAT, OOM,VisualVM

How to Debug Native OutOfMemory in JRockit
Java Heap, JNI, jrcmd, Native Memory, Oracle JRockit, OutOfMemoryError

Backward Compatible, Class Loader, Class Loading, javac Compiler, JVM Version, Upward Compatible

JRockit: Unable to open temporary file /mnt/hugepages/jrock8SadIG
hugetblfs file system, JRockit, JVM, Large Pages Support, Linux Mount Command

JRockit: Could not acquire large pages for 2Mbytes code
Java Code, Java Heap, JRockit, Large Pages Support, Linux

JRockit Version Information
JDK Version, JVM Version, Mission Control Version, Oracle JRockit

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