Monday, October 7, 2013

Removing "Compatibility setting is not supported" Warning before You Do OpenScript Recording

This article is one of the Oracle Application Test Suite (OATS)[1] series on Xml and More, which began with the following article:
In this article, we will show one of the warnings that you may want to remove before recording your scripts using OpenScript [3]in OATS[1]:

Compatibility Setting

You can use either Firefox or Internet Explorer to record scripts. In this example, we used IE8. The application we are recording with is Fusion CRM with FUSE interface.

After provided home page URL and logged in, we have seen the above warning. Don't know exactly how OATS records this Message box. But, this is not the regular step of the application task flows.[5] So, you should remove this issue before any recording.

The Solution

In IE8, you select:
  • Tools > Compatibility Setting

Then the following Compatibility View Settings will be shown:
To fix the compatibility warning, you just uncheck the following item:
  • Display intranet sites in Compatibility View


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  4. Turn off Compatibility View
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