Saturday, March 16, 2013

Career, Work, and Health (2)

Without saying, one of the important health articles I have written is this one:

Below are some highlights from that article. 

Cancer and Fever 

In clinical practice, doctors observe that many cancer patients simply don't develop fevers, and cancer patients often report that they were never ill.  Two of my friends told me exactly that and one of them is cancer victim and another cancer survivor.

Fever and Heat Therapy

Historically, heat have been recognized for their beneficial effects.  The following list shows how various cultures have used simple forms of heat as a way of both cleansing and healing.

  • Ancient Greek medicine
  • Roman hot sulfur baths
  • Finnish saunas
  • European and American spa treatments
  • Japanese hot tubs
  • Native American Indian sweat lodges
  • Therapeutic hot springs worldwide

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