Sunday, January 11, 2009

Tools for Debugging AIR Applications

Tools Descriptions
Flex Builder Debugger
  • Free videos about debugging with Flex Builder are available from
  • With the <mx:TraceTarget/> tag present any where in the code which enables the tracing information, you can use the debugger version of Flash Player to track network traffic between your client and application server.
  • Further information about the Adobe Flex Builder debugger can be found here.

ADL (AIR Debug Launcher)

  • If you do not use Flex Builder 3 or your AIR application are not Flex-based, you can use ADL provided in AIR SDK.
  • With the ADL, you can debug either Flex-based or HTML-based applications.

Third-party Tools (ServiceCapture, Charles, and Ethereal/Wireshark)
  • Allow you to capture the network traffic (using Flash Remoting) or data flow between an AIR application and any server technologies.

AIR HTML Introspector
  • AIRIntrospector.js JavaScript file provided in the AIR SDK can be included in your application to help debug HTML-based or AJAX-based AIR applications.
  • You can download Aptana Studio to create/debug HTML/JavaScript based AIR Applications.
  • Include the AIRIntrospector.js file only when developing and debugging the applications. But, remove it in the packaged Adobe AIR application that you distribute.

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