Thursday, January 15, 2009

Importing Foreign Projects from SVN in Flex Builder

How does one go about opening someone else's project in Flex Builder using Subversion? You can directly import a project without creating a dummy one first and there are two ways of achieving this:

(1) From File menu...

  1. File > Import > Other
  2. Select Checkout Projects from SVN
  3. Check Use existing repository location: and select svn://rws...
  4. Select a project folder
  5. Use the default setting in Checkout from SVN dialog.

(2) From SVN Respository Exploring perspective...

  1. Browse in the SVN navigator to the project folder that you want to include into your existing workspace.
  2. Right click and bring up context menu.
  3. Choose Checkout...
  4. Checkout from SVN dialog will pop up and offer to check out the project in the current workspace.

To install Subversion in Flex Builder, you can get the the Subclipse plugin and follow the instructions as shown here.

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