Thursday, December 13, 2012

How to find Oracle WebLogic Server Version?

In [1], it describes 3 ways of finding Oracle WebLogic Server Version.  In this article, we will focus on using registry.xml[2] which contains record of all Oracle products (including weblogic) installed .

MiddleWare Home and Oracle Home

Middleware home is a top-level directory created during the Weblogic Installation and contains all the Oracle Homes (or optional Oracle product homes), Weblogic server , Coherence Server and optionally Weblogic domain (under user_projects which will be created when you create the first domain).  A middleware home can reside on a local file system or on a remote shared disk that is accessible through NFS. The Oracle Fusion Middleware home is represented in path names as MW_HOME.  An Oracle home contains installed files necessary to host a specific product.  The Oracle home is represented in path names as ORACLE_HOME.

Before you install any Fusion Web Application, you need to install an Application Server such as WebLogic Server and other applications that this application depends on.  At "Installation Location" step, you will be asked for:
  • Oracle Middleware Home
  • Oracle Home Directory
In our case, we have specified:
  • Oracle Middleware Home
    • /export/home/bench/ATG/PS6ST7
  • Oracle Home Directory
    • Oracle_WC1
When the installation completes, it displays where Middleware Home Location and Oracle Home Location are (see the diagram).  


This registry file contains record of all weblogic products installed along with product-related information such as version number, patch set level, patch level and location of the production installation directories.

To find Oracle WebLogic Server Version, do:
  1. Go to Middleware Home under which WebLogic is installed 
  2. Look for file registry.xml
    • For example, it's under:
      • $MW_HOME/registry.xml
  3. Open registry.xml and search for “component name=”WebLogic Server”” 
    • Variable "version" next to "component name" will tell you WebLogic version. For example, this is what I've found from my FA installation:
              <component name="WebLogic Server" version="" ...>
                <component name="Core Application Server"/>
                <component name="Administration Console"/>
                <component name="Evaluation Database"/>
                <component name="Workshop Code Completion Support"/>
To learn more on the following topics

  • WebLogic Server Version Numbers
  • WebLogic Version Compatibility
  • etc.
read [5].

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    • Within a WebLogic domain, the Administration Server, Managed Server instances, and the domain itself each have a WebLogic Server version number. The version number contains five decimal places, for example WebLogic Server


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